Difficulties and coping strategies of college students with ADHD symptoms

Clarissa Tochetto de Oliveira, Ana Cristina Garcia Dias


This study aims at identifying the main difficulties freshmen with ADHD symptoms face in college and verify which coping styles are associated with higher scores of college adjustment. Participants were 28 college students. Data were gathe­red in classrooms with self-reported questionnaires. Difficulties mentioned by partici­pants were submitted to content analysis. Linear correlations were also estimated (Pe­arson) between variables. Results suggest that the most frequent difficulties are the need for greater autonomy, concentration and reasoning, relationship with classmates, and the lack of information provided by majors. We also verified that certain coping strategies are associated with better college adjustment. The study concluded that kno­wing difficulties students with ADHD symptoms face and what strategies can contribu­te to their college adjustment may guide interventions for this population.

Keywords: ADHD; difficulties; coping style; college adjustment; college students.

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