Motherhood and social suffering in Brazilian mommy blogs

Carlos Del Negro Visintin, Tânia Maria José Aiello-Vaisbgerg


The purpose of this study is to investigate the collective imaginary about motherhood. It is justified since, in contemporary society, motherhood appears asso­ciated with socially determined sufferings, despite its rewarding facets. It is organized around the use of the psychoanalytic method, here operationalized regarding investiga­tive procedures of a survey, selection, register, and interpretation of posts from Brazi­lian blogs. The consideration of the material allowed the interpretative production of two fields of affective-emotional meaning: “I am a mother, therefore I am”, and “Exclu­sive mother”. These fields indicate the prevalence of a collective imaginary that, with heavy demands on women, promotes emotional suffering.

Keywords: Motherhood; social suffering; collective imaginary; mommy blogs; psycho­analytic method.

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