Meaning of Work: Challanges for the XXI Century


The purpose of this call for papers on the meanings of work is to gather up-to-date, relevant research output in the context of crisis and change in the contemporary social, economic and political scenario to contribute to this literature, still considered to be in its adolescence (Rosso et al., 2010). We welcome articles in a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches, including works in the fields of psychology, sociology, politics, and management. Below we highlight a few themes just to encourage the creativity of the authors/researchers interested in this invitation.


-          Empirical studies with a focus on local, regional, and cross-cultural experiences. Comparisons between locations, distinct professional categories or different environments (e.g., public vs. private) or any other categories of analysis;

-          Studies using scales, modeling and other methods that allow assessing, validating and discussing antecedents of and developments from the meaning of the work;

-          Studies on the theoretical/epistemological foundations of research on the meaning of work in Brazil and abroad;

-          Innovative research methods on the meanings of work (challenges, perspectives, trends, multilevel analyzes);

-          The meaning of work in the 21st century: discussions on meaning and change in the work world;

-          The meaning of work and other important constructs in administration: engagement, motivation, well-being and suffering at work, affections, and emotions.


-          All papers can be submitted in English, Portuguese or Spanish

-          Papers accepted in Portuguese or Spanish should be translated into English by the authors.

-          Times New Roman 12, minimum 7,600 words and maximum 8,400 words

-          Submission must be in WORD.

-          Title: Maximum 12 words - Abstract: Minimum 150 and Maximum 200 words

-          Minimum three and maximum five keywords